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School Culture Strand


Essential Questions

  • What will student-teacher relationships look like in your school?

  • How will the school embody democratic and liberatory values, and provide opportunities for student voice and choice?

  • How will restorative practices shape the building of culture and approach to discipline?

  • What will others notice about the people, space and underlying values when they visit the school?

  • What aspects that traditionally shape school culture do you want to keep out of the school?

Put it to Practice


Possible Products


  • Develop your approach to discipline, including restorative practices

  • Create a plan to cultivate student voice and leadership

  • Craft a vision for the design of space to reflect the core values of the school

  • Create a plan for fostering relationships and building community (i.e. home visits, advisory, community meetings, etc.)

  • Develop wrap around services to meet the needs of students and their families before and after school

  • Recruiting, hiring, and sustaining teachers of color

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