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Equity Strand ~ Fellowship Throughline


Essential Questions

  • How does your identity and positionality impact your work?

  • How do you define equity? What will it “sound, feel and look like” at your school?

  • What is your vision for an equitable classroom? For an equitable school?

  • How will you provide access and challenge to all learners?

  • How will the school design disrupt oppressive systems and structures?

Dates & Details


Chris Emdin

Carlos Moreno

Camila Green


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Expert Panel: Thursday, 10/11/18 3pm-4pm PST

Mentor Check-Ins: Week of 10/15/18

Text Discussion/Consultancy: 

  • Wednesday 10/24/18 3:00 - 4:30pm PST 


  • Thursday 10/25/18 7:00 - 8:30am PST

* All video calls can be accessed through the link in the calendar

* Expert panels and resources to be populated the month before the launch of each content strand