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Deeper Learning Strand


Essential Questions

  • What is your vision for teaching and learning?

  • What is the role of the teacher in your school?

  • How do the deeper learning competencies intersect with the vision for your school?

  • What does deeper learning “sound, feel and look like” at its best? What exemplars stand out?

  • How can a school’s design support deeper learning? How can it get in the way?

  • What conditions must exist in schools to make deeper learning possible?

  • What is your vision for an equitable classroom? For an equitable school?

  • How will you provide access and challenge to all learners?

Put it to Practice


Possible Products

  • Write your instructional vision for the school

  • Compose a teacher job description

  • Collaborate with a teacher or student design team  to co-design a project

  • Describe elements of the school design that will support deeper learning. Describe elements that would get in the way that you plan to keep out?

  • Craft a vision for how students will develop the DL competencies through your instructional model.

  • Design school structures that immerse students in authentic learning experiences in the community (i.e. fieldwork, internships, community service, etc.)

  • Design a master schedule and calendar that supports deeper learning for all students and faculty

  • Plan for inclusion

  • Plan for emerging bilinguals

  • Designing culturally responsive, critical pedagogy

  • College access & persistence

  • Plan for providing access/challenge for all (RTI)

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