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Authentic Assessment & Accountability Strand


Essential Questions

  • What student learning outcomes matter to your school?

  • How will you authentically assess the learning of all students, including essential skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity?

  • How will assessment guide instruction and school improvement?

  • How will you share student outcome data with key stakeholders (e.g. the community members,  board members, funders, authorizers, etc.)?

  • How will you navigate school accountability and stay true to the core values of your school?

Put it to Practice


Possible Products


  • Develop your school’s measures for social emotional learning

  • Develop student voice & climate surveys

  • Create a plan for students sharing and reflecting on their learning (i.e. student-led conferences, POLs, exhibition, etc.).

  • Create a plan for using student learning data to drive improvement.

  • Articulate your school’s plan for assessing student learning and outcomes

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