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Adult Learning Strand


Essential Questions

  • How will you recruit, hire and develop a diverse and talented faculty?

  • What is your vision for adult learning? How might you cultivate a collegial culture?

  • What conditions support the development of intrinsic motivation for both students and adults?

  • How will the school design provide opportunities for collaboration, dialogue and critique?

  • How will you approach the art of coaching? What structures will provide opportunities for peer coaching?

Put it to Practice


Possible Products

  • Develop structures for supporting faculty collaboration, collegial dialogue and critique

  • Articulate your approach to coaching and plan for supporting teachers

  • Create an adult learning map showing the systems of support for teachers in your school

  • Design the plan for new teacher onboarding

  • Design the plan for professional development for the first year (i.e. themes, structures, protocols, schedule, etc.)

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